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Be part of a nationwide effort to help children who have lost a parent in the line of duty


• Align your business with a military non-profit organization who gives back to children
1.25 million impressions combined for on site media and web impressions 
(statistics are based off 2014 event)
Nationwide media exposure in newspapers, radio and in television
• Mentions in press releases, newsletters, e-blasts, PSA’s, Facebook posts & more!
• Brand Exposure both digitally and through print
• Be associated with one of the Only Nationwide Campaigns that involve multiple Family Entertainment Centers!

Why align with family entertainment centers?

• Reach a captive family audience
• Each FEC has approximately 5000 guests in September, which means exposure to 235,000+ people in just 30 days
• Parents have downtime to read promotional material being that Family Entertainment Centers are “Pay as you Play”.
• You as a sponsor can reach a national audience through FEC participation.

Promotional Materials per kit includes:

• 5 posters
• 500 paper balls
• 500 bounce back coupons
• 50 promotional stickers
• 100 patriotic ribbon stickers
• Digital artwork –Facebook and web posting art
• Recorded radio PSA
• News release template
• National news release distribution inclusion
• Step by Step Guidelines
• Foundation brochures

Other promotional materials include eblasts, web rotators, flyers, TV screens, road signs and MORE!

Putt for the Fallen debuted in 2014, and since then, over $50,000 has been collectively raised by participating family entertainment centers. In the two years combined, dozens of articles have been published, gaining over $4 million dollars in earned media throughout the country with over 5 million media impressions! Putt for the Fallen had 47 participants in 2014. In 2015, Putt for the Fallen had 54 participating locations, and we want 2016 to be the biggest, best year yet!

Title Sponsor $5,000 SOLD! Recognition as Title Sponsor for 2016 Event.

Presenting Sponsor $2,500
Recognition as Presenting Sponsor of 2016 Event. 

Coupon Sponsor $1,500 SOLD! Recognition as Coupon Sponsor for 2016 Event.

Gold Sponsor $1,000 SOLD! Recognition as Gold Sponsor of 2016 Event.

Prize Sponsor $500+ New for 2016! Become a prize sponsor for our 3rd Annual Event. This year, our FEC participants will win prizes for their efforts. Provide a prize to be a sponsor!

Silver Sponsor $500 ONLY 2 LEFT! Recognition as Silver Sponsor of 2016 Event.